About A&Ω

Alpha and Omega provide technical services to the entertainment industry, with a focus on great customer care and expertise working within both live and pre-recorded productions; ranging from pub bands to nationally broadcasted prime time shows. Having over 18 years of experience, working in Theatres, Concert Halls, Arenas and Studios, spanning many genres, Alpha and Omega have been striving to deliver beyond expectations within a results driven industry.

As well as investing time in training to conform to legal requirements, including staying up to date with legislation changes, new products and techniques, time and effort has also been made to ensure that there is pride placed in interpersonal communication and presentation. Gaining knowledge and practical experience of differing roles within the sector has led to a wider understanding of responsibilities and pressures placed upon different departments as well as gaining a better understanding of  how everything comes together within a production as a whole.

With the ability to liaise with people of all backgrounds, including public, production staff and talent as well as understanding hierarchies of different working environments, whilst striving to be openly approachable as well as discreet when needed, Alpha and Omega based centrally in Preston, Lancashire, hope to be an asset to your production needs.

James Hubbard (Proprietor)