Alpha & Omega provide lighting design, technical support, maintenance and installation for a range of events ranging from Theatrical and Concert lighting, Lighting Design for Live Televised Sport to working as part of teams responsible for producing prime time TV shows.

Starting out as a member of a local theatre, learning how to light local and touring bands as well as theatrical productions while a member of casual staff, I was lucky to be introduced to people that are now some of my longest known friends and colleagues. With a lot of hard work and great people around me I gained knowledge in many technologies that once were a mystery. Working with people on installs, architectural lighting, art installations, theatrical performances, festivals and concerts gave me a an all-round grounding and a wide knowledge base. I then moved to primarily working within a regional venue containing a theatre and concert hall as a full time Technician, then Senior Technician, moving up then up to be the venues Technical Manager.

Although primarily a receiving house, with the team and myself facilitating the designs and needs of touring engineers and lighting designers, and shows the venue also has a lot of local theatre events from societies, schools and colleges, allowing for the creativity of house engineers to assist in designing lighting for productions as well as working on producing ways to deliver what is visualised by clients, some of who, are not usually used to working within a professional theatrical environment.

When the complex was privatised, a major ongoing redevelopment of the site has allowed for lighting creativity including designing bespoke lighting around the complex including for an in house cocktail bar and nightclub. The complex also went onto producing in house productions and promoting their own shows where show lighting designs and creativity come from within the team.

I work as part of lighting teams working on shows such as The X Factor, Keep it in the Family, Ninja Warriors and All together Now, Dancing on Ice – allowing me to learn up to date techniques and processes as well as working with top Lighting Designers, Engineers, Gaffers and Lighting Crews, producing original content using some of the latest technology available on the market.

(James Hubbard – Proprietor)