Alpha and Omega have follow-spotted on many shows including The XFactor, The Voice, Dancing on Ice, The Brits, Saturday Night at The Palladium, Splash and Got to Dance.

A chain is only as good as its weakest link, this is also exceptionally true in TV production. Even the best cameras and operators can’t do their job without key-light. A job which in local theatre is seen as a right of passage, where most people are happy with the bright end pointing towards the stage, follow-spotting for cameras is a high pressure and often hot and uncomfortable role requiring finesse. A drop in concentration or a small slip can plunge performers into darkness, often without any backup. Scaling metal rope ladders and sitting amongst a lighting rig, sometimes at heights of 20m for up to 6hrs at a time, the job isn’t for the faint of heart.

Working with some of the UK’s leading Lighting Directors and being trained by and working alongside the best crews in the UK has given Alpha and Omega the finest grounding we could have ever asked for.

As well as being happy in the air, Alpha and Omega are well versed with the PRG Ground Control. A way to remote control a moving fixture that is in the lighting rig while staying firmly on the ground. We were part of a team that were the first in the world to use only Ground Control for all spot lights on a TV Production during filming The Voice. The system allows the operators comfort breaks where it would have taken too long to climb down and then climb back up as well as creature comforts around them without having to tether everything once air born, notebooks, schedules and rehearsal orders can be passed around as well as all being together allows for better communication and team work.

Whether using conventional follow-spots or using the newest technology on the market, Alpha and Omega hope to be an asset to your production.